Created for fun

Let imagination - not the surroundings - set the limits. Furniture from LIFETIME is designed to provide children with room for expression - and, of course, room to play - so that they can give free rein to their dreams. . LIFETIME children's furniture grows with your child, from junior to teenager. Our well thought-out bedsystem design ensures that you can adapt the furniture to match the age, size and interest of your child.

~ Play and learn ~

LIFETIME is Danish produced, innovative and flexible furniture for children with attitude, which invites to play and learn.

Created for flexibility

With our special created 4-in-1 bed you suddenly have the opportunity with only "ONE" bed to cover the needs for your child's demand growing up. From the first introduction to a larger bed, starting low on the ground, to a 4-poster bed, or building a semi-high bed for loads of fun and play. The 4-in-1 bed covers all the needs. The bed is based on our Original system, so you have all the opportunities to build or add accessories.

Play, Learn & Sleep!

Check out this cool limited edition bed. Wake up after a good night sleep, a new day to learn new stuff, and after it lots of time to play, en slide endlessly! Have fun with your friend in your room! When your child gets too old to slide... just take it away.. and what is left is a geat bed, which will last a lifetime, with lots of opporunities below the bed, like storage or extendable beds!

The cabin bed

Need lots of storage room, or room for sleepovers? Next to these options, this bed has the ideal height to hang out on with good friends, it's like a sofa. A if that is not enough, you can add also a rooftop or 4-poster frame on the bed and play in your own hut or dream away in your canopy bed. The possibilities are close to endless, just like the imagination.  

Surprisingly playful & multi-coloured

The extensive LIFETIME Original Collection consists of high-quality furniture from sustainable pine, where the basic bed forms the starting point. You build this, as your child gets older, easy to high-rise sleeper, bunk bed, 4-poster bed or even a hutbed. You're with LIFETIME so at once ready for many years sleep and fun!

Dream houses for dreamers

Every interior designer will love a hutbed. There is plenty of height, space to play and room for all the little details that make a hutbed your home

Lots of opportunities, lots of fun!

Play curtains, illustrated bed fronts, voiles and mosquito nets for a canopy bed, bed linen, pillows etc. The many cheerful and colourful accessories of LIFETIME give you endless possibilities to achieve the dream room for your child!

Are you ready for an adventure?

My Hangout, the Treehouse in high or low, Camp Canyon. These are just some examples of LIFETIME's greatest adventure beds. Playing during the day in a hut or sleeping in a cabin, it's all possible at LIFETIME. The greatest thing: The bed grows with your child. This means all our hutbeds are part of the system, so you can rebuild the bed again and again or just use the basic bed.

Magic getaway

Make your semi-high or mid-high bed into your own fortress. The battlefield of adventures are bound to happen. And if you need your magic getaway, we also have a cool slide to add to the bed.

Easy to build, step-by-step

All furniture from LIFETIME is easy to assemble. All you have to do is to follow the instructions step-by-step, piece-by-piece, and you will see the result right away. Trust us, it's as easy as it sounds.

founded in 1972

Our children's furniture is produced in Denmark, at our factory in Højer, where we are in close connection with the technology and our educated woodworkers, who supply the best quality.

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